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Some of our Areas of Practice


We specialize in commercial law with extensive expertise in banking and corporate law. We draw up and review the legal documents that underpin transactions our clients are working on, and helping them resolve corporate disputes with other parties.


We assist our clients with transfer of legal title for real estate and granting of an encumbrance such as mortgage or lease. We act in their best interests and guide them through the exchange of contracts, equitable interests and completion of settlement.


We deal in the consolidation of companies or assets and complete the different transactions, such as mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, offers and purchase of assets, shareholders’ approvals and constituting of the the acquiring company/s.


The firm has a fully-fledged litigation department supporting our clientele in resolving disputes in the court system or prosecuting and defending commercial legal actions at the Court of Appeal, High Court, Industrial Court, Magistrate’s Courts and Tribunals.


We represent creators in protecting rights to their trademarks, copyright, patents, industrial design rights, and trade secrets, up to and including original works in music and literature, discoveries, inventions, logos, slogans, and designs.


We also deal in administering the estates of entities, or deceased persons, resolving all claims and distributing properties and rights under a will. We facilitate the legal processes of validating the will and granting probate, to the executor.

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